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a. General developing of overseas project
Our company has a cooperation with TRANSTECH INTERNATIONAL, overseas company of China railway fifth group Co. Ltd. , China railway ERYUAN engineering group CO.LTD. , CHINA RAILWAY ERJU CO.LTD. ,CHINA RAILWAY WUJU CO.LTD, CHINA RAILWAY BAJU CO.LTD. , ZHONGTIE RAILAWAY SHIERJU CO.LTD. , Shenzhen water treatment company and industrial automation national project research center in Zhejiang university and other companies and institutes, basing on the perspective of improving the people’s living condition ,low carbon economy ,energy conservation and emission reduction , environmental protection and sustainable developing , scientific utilization of water resource. And we company has a significant breakthrough in railway water supply and drainage projects, municipal water supply and drainage project, industrial and mining enterprise plumbing works, direct drinking water project ,sewage water treatment project and garbage disposal treatment projects.
Overseas business in our company develops rapidly and has accomplished a lot in management experience and projects , becoming a new growth point in our company. At present, we establish a harmony relationship with African local municipality and cooperative enterprise and have an organization and implementation of several projects in Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Kenya, Malawi . In that case, we receive acceptance and applause from cooperative enterprise, which strength our confidence and resolutions in exploring engineering projects in Africa . So, in the immediately future , we have more opportunities to get project there.

b. Overseas business
Our company has been carried out in overseas business which covers a water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant and municipal pipeline engineering construction, municipal road construction; wind, water and electric installation engineering in the airport, railway station building, estate development and building materials exportation, International import and export trade, etc.

c. Services in our company
Making an on-site exploration survey independently or assist the design institute to do it and having a proposal for the project.
Collecting hydrology, climate, landscape, culture and geography basic information on site, for the construction of waterworks, sewage plants preparing feasibility study and preliminary design, process design and construction drawing design.
Water plant, sewage plant construction general contracting or construction management and consulting, electrical and mechanical equipment procurement and installation, integrated equipment production and installation, operation management training and operation management, technical support of design and construction, making budget and final accounts book.