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    ChengDu Kongest water treatment company covers its business about several aspects such as municipal project, electromechanical project and environmental protection project. From now on, it has completed abundant projects including municipal general contract project, mechanical and electromechanical installation, housing building and support building, decoration, technology research and development of landscaping and environmental protection, pumping work, operation management and general contracting. At present, our company has got second level qualification of municipal general contracting ,electromechanical contracting and environmental protection. In addition, it has also been admitted by the quality management system.

ChengDu Kongest water treatment company has its own company conception and during its long term operation, it has trained a core team consisting of creative technicians and professional engineers. Our team covers so many majors such as civil work, electromechanical work, automatic control, biochemistry, water supply and drainage environmental engineering. Moreover, it has constructed water quality laboratory and independent production bases. Also, our company corporates with China railway er yuan, southwest transportation university, SICHUAN university, Chinese academy of science and has  formed an excellent technology and management consultant team filled with many experts and scholars.

Chengdu Kongest water treatment company has a broad cooperation with China railway er yuan group, ShenZhen water treatment company, chemical engineering institute of Sichuan university and other companies. Our company aims at improving our living environment, following our national conception as low carbon economy, energy conservation and emission reduction, sustainable development and scientific utilization of water source and making a marvelous breakthrough in water supply and drainage projects, sewage water treatment project, the production and research in water treatment equipment.

Since our company established, we sticks to company spirits as rigorous, practical, creative and have a constant processing in energy conservation and environment protection and high-tech application, then have a great achievement. Our company has successfully constructed some BOT, TOT, BT, EPC projects and has done well in municipal projects and environment protection projects. After several years’ high speed development, our company is entitled one of the most influence company in southwest China.